These are fun things I’ve worked on:

Time Block Planner (2021-2023)


A ruby script to generate my version of Cal Newport's time block planner.

No Google Calendar Alerts (2017)


A super simple Chrome extension to disable the Javascript pop up alerts in Google Calendar.

Plug In Colorado (2017)


A podcast I've been working on with my wife Deana.

Cityscape (2015-2017)


Using CGAL and Cinder to generate cities in the style of Donald Crews.

RSpec Rails Swagger (2016-2017)

Generate Swagger 2.0 docs for Rails apps using RSpec request specs. Test results can be captured as response examples.

UnionJack (2015-2016)


A C++ library for Cinder to draw a 16-segment LED displays using OpenGL.

Boulder Trash Day Calendar (2015-2016)


In the browser, generate an iCalendar file with Western Disposal's collection schedule for the year. No more wondering if collection is delayed due to a holiday or if it's a compost or recycling week.

Alphabear Helper (2015)

A tool to help you cheat at Alphabear or other word games.

Quick XPath Queries (2015)

A tool to quickly test out XPath queries in the browser.

AlienLander (2014-2015)


Trying to recreate the landing computer screen from the 1979 movie Alien.

TrianglePaint (2014)


A very basic isometric drawing program.

Learn Notes (2014)

Uses an algorithm inspired by the Ward Cunninham's Automatic Morse Code Teaching Machine to teach you to read music.

MIDI Monitor (2014)


Combines the Web MIDI API and VexFlow, a JavaScript engraving engine, to display keys pressed on the keyboard on the screen.

Unicoder (2013)


JavaScript to convert images into monochrome, Unicode bitmaps.

Logo JS (2011-2013)


A simple Logo interpreter written in JavaScript which draws the turtle's path using SVG.

Timelapse (2012)

Videos I've shot by myself and with a friend.

textFlow (2009, 2013)


Ruby script to display iTunes album art as ASCII or ANSI text.

CSS with vertical rhythm (2007, 2013)


Helper to generate CSS with vertical rhythm.

MintyMouse (2005)


I combined an Altoids tin and an optical mouse.

Image Color2 (2005-2006)

PHP 5 library for converting colors between different color models.

Phlickr (2005-2006)


In 2005 I started using Flickr and, wanting to learn more about PHP 5, began building on an API client I called Phlickr. In 2006 Rob Loach and I co-authored a book on using it for various projects titled Building Flickr Applications with PHP which was published by Apress.

2-sided POV (2004-2005)


PIC microcontroller flashes LEDs on a rotating bicycle wheel to spell out messages.